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Credit Cards

We support all major Credit Card brands including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.
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Credit Cards

Gift & Loyalty Solutions

Sliver Pay offers both prepaid and gift cards, branded with your retail name and logo. Choose between our all-inclusive solutions or create your customized loyalty program to suit the specific needs of your business.

Gift Cards & Loyalty Solutions

Cash Advance

Sliver Pay offers numerous programs designed to fund the growth of your business and increase profitability through cash flow crunch periods.

Cash Advance

ACH & Checks

Accepting checks is a must, but processing traditional checks is expensive, time consuming, and exposes merchants to fraud. Sliver Pay allows you to accept paper checks electronically, quickly and securely, while reducing the cost of processing.

ACH & Checks

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Committed to keeping your customers on the road? We understand how important fast and reliable service is to you!
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Food and Beverage
Hungry customers want to be able to order and receive their food quickly. Sliver Pay has the right tools to let them checkout and pay in seconds!
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Extensive inventory? Sliver Pay has the right tools to customize your clients' experience, letting them order and pay easily.
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Whether you are selling in store or online, you want your clients to have a great experience at the checkout. Sliver Pay has all the payment solutions you need to provide a seamless checkout at every point of sale.
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Professional Services
Build your clients' trust by providing a reliable and trustworthy payment service. Sliver Pay has the perfect tool to help you collect in-person payments payments at the office.
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Sliver Pay offers flexible payments solutions for flexible people. Whether you are a plumber, electrician, gardener or a freelancer, you can accept payments right at your job site!
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You put your patient first and we do the same with our clients! Sliver Pay helps you create a great payment experience while securing all your patients' information.
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Working together is the key. Sliver Pay works hard to provide you with a tailored payment solution for your business.
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Managing your payments can be difficult without the right tools.

Our variety of tools and our amazing Tech Support can make your job easier.
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Sliver Pay offers wireless mobile solutions. We offer a large selection of reliable, durable and use-friendly card processing peripherals. Our hardware platforms support industry leaders such as VeriFone®, Poynt® and Ingenico®

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Sliver Pay offers wireless payment solutions. We offer a large selection of reliable, durable and use-friendly card processing peripherals. Our hardware platforms support industry leaders such as VeriFone®, Poynt® and Ingenico®

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Sliver Pay supports almost any type of POS environment and industry-specific terminal. We offer a large selection of reliable, durable and user friendly terminals and peripherals, supporting industry leaders such as VeriFone®, Poynt® and Ingenico®

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Stand Alone

Little does Luke know that the GALACTIC EMPIRE has secretly begun construction on a new armored space station even more powerful than the first dreaded Death Star.

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With Sliver Pay you will be able to integrate a payment portal into your website to accept secure customer payments.

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Virtual Terminals

Enable merchants to process transactions by submitting credit card and electronic check payments online. Manage your payments directly from your browser!

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About Us

It takes a high-performing team to deliver the best-in-class service our customers expect. At Sliver Pay, we thrive on the strengths of our employees. We all stand for the same idea: we work for people.

We understand the constantly evolving payment processing industry and are committed to providing merchants with the services that will ensure their business growth and success. As an established company, Sliver Pay maintains a strong reputation for its complete range of payment processing services, scalable solutions and merchant focus.

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