Why Us

The easiest, most accessible, and most convenient way to establish new merchant accounts.
Don’t know who to turn to when it’s time to start processing credit cards, in person and online?

There are various alternatives on the market but merchants usually choose the best known and most expensive options: either the big banks or third-party payment processors, like PayPal.

Advantages of an ISO

As an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) Sliver Pay is what merchants need.

Lower processing fees

As an ISO, Sliver Pay charges much lower fees than a bank or a third-party processor, like PayPal or Square.

Personalized services

Despite differences in industry, risk rate and business history, banks and third-party processors charge the same rates. With Sliver Pay, every merchant is treated as a separate account and underwritten individually. The results are negotiable fees and remarkable savings, based on the merit of the business.

Every business is welcome

Processing credit cards can be risky and big banks or major credit card companies want to avoid risk. This is why they are very particular when they choose who to partner with. As an ISO, Sliver Pay is willing to carry that risk, providing access to merchant accounts and services to a wider market that wouldn’t be eligible otherwise.

Personal relationship

Banks and credit card companies have very high standards when choosing who to partner with, meaning that the average merchant will never have a direct relationship with them. Sliver Pay is a smaller company, with a dedicated sales team and customer service representatives. Here, every merchant can expect personalized service and a close relationship between all the parties involved.

How are we different?

We are customizable.

We at Sliver Pay serve a wide market and our breadth of expertise and experience give us the tools and knowledge to recognize what is best for your business. We started in 2009 working with gas station and liquor store businesses, evolved through partnerships with ZT Wealth (healthcare) and ZT Motors (automotive), and today we have thousands of merchant accounts. No matter which industry you are part of, Sliver Pay knows exactly what you need.

We tailor our services to suit your needs by offering a variety of programs and working with your credit card statements to lower your processing fees. Whether you operate an online store, wholesale, or a retail store, we offer different terminals and gateways to make your payments faster and easier.

We are transparent.

Transparency and honesty really matter to us and are the foundation of the relationship with all our merchants. At Sliver Pay our team will guide you through the entire process, and keep you up to date with regular phone calls and emails. Our MPA (Merchant Processing Agreement) is simple, legible, and straightforward. You don’t have to fear the fine print or hidden fees anymore.

We are reliable.

Sliver Pay offers a payment platform geared towards providing the ultimate data security with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA), and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance with Level III processing, to ensure the least costly acceptance to the merchant. Our platform provides extremely thorough security solutions allowing for healthcare professionals to worry less about security threats and more on providing excellent care for their patients.

What else We Offer

Validated P2P Encryption

Encrypts cardholder data reducing the risk of data loss and scope of PCI Compliance

Credit Card Tokenization

Safely stores credit card data via encryption within merchant’s system for future transactions.

Express Checkout

Send invoices to customers’ mobile and/or email allowing them to quickly complete transactions on their devices.

Encrypted Virtual Terminal

Provides an encrypted solution for entering data to protect sensitive transmission of cardholder data.

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